June 17, 2021

GSREIN has updated their MLS rules and the changes will take effect immediately.

If you enter a listing an an MLS (such as Greater Southern MLS) you now only have 1 hour to enter the same information into GSREIN's MLS.

Section 1. LISTING PROCEDURES: Once all necessary signatures of seller(s) have been obtained, listings of real or personal property of the following types, which are listed subject to a real estate broker's license, located within the natural market area in which the service is provided taken by Participants on Exclusive Right To Sell or Exclusive Agency contracts shall be broker loaded or delivered to the Gulf South Real Estate Information Network, Inc. (hereafter referred to as GSREIN) within 3 business days , (excluding weekends and holidays) after the effective date of the listing, unless the listings are entered into another MLS service, whereby they must then be entered into GSREIN within 1 hour of entry into another MLS service (Amended 06/21)

Regarding the Change of Status of a Listing...

Section 1.4 CHANGE OF STATUS OF LISTING: Any change in listed price or other change in the original listing agreement shall be made only when authorized in writing by the seller and shall be broker loaded or delivered to the Service within 1 business day (excluding weekends and holidays) after authorized change is received by the listing broker. Any change in the status of a listing must be broker loaded or delivered to the Service within 1 business day (excluding weekends and holidays). When there is an open predication on a property you must enter a "O" in the STATUS field. Only Open Predications can be placed in this status. If there is an accepted offer on a property but it is requested by the seller that the property remain on the market and continue to be shown you would change the status to "C". “C” status requires that property must continue to be shown up until the status is changed otherwise. If there is an accepted offer and the property cannot be shown the status must be changed to “U”. The "O" status represents Open Predication ‐ Continue To Show, and the "C" status represents Pending ‐ Continue To Show. The “W” status represents Withdrawn from the market for a short time, temporarily, prior to the expiration date. The “T” status represents Terminated and should be used when a listing agreement has been cancelled. (Amended 06/21)