1. Use humor. In your subject line use things like 'Your Favorite Offer Is On It's Way' or 'Margaritas On Me When We Get This Done'
  2. You may have a matching offer but it's better. Have your buyer pay your commission so the seller will net that much more.
  3. Send your offer with a Summary of Offer form. Make it even better with a video of you summarizing the offer and let them know 'I'm just trying to make the transaction easier for you'.
  4. Write an offer with a Buyer to pay Seller's closing costs. Or...Buyer to pay additional $2,000 towards Seller's moving expenses.
  5. Don't underestimate the value of Agent to Agent relationships. They matter a lot. Be intentional about being nice. At some point with multiple offers, the Seller is going to ask their agent 'who do you want to work with?'
  6. Make a reverse open predicated offer. Seller has ____ number of days to have a house under contract or the deal is off.
  7. Ask the List Agent what their Seller's favorite charity is. Buyer to contribute $500 at Act of Sale to ________________ charity on behalf of Seller.
  8. Buyer to pay difference of sales & appraisal price
  9. Make your first offer the best offer
  10. Find out what the Seller wants and deliver
  11. Shorten contingency time frames
  12. Mentally prepare the Buyer. Quick showings, multiple offers, above list price, etc.
  13. Try to meet the List Agent in person to deliver the offer.
  14. Big deposits
  15. Consider an Escalation Clause
  16. No Predicated Offers
  17. Consider getting creative and finding your own inventory and avoid multiple offers.
  18. Match your Buyer's needs with your database
  19. No ask for repairs inspection
  20. Appraisal within inspection period